Castroni born in 1932, when the founder Umberto Castroni sells kiosk family along the river and buy a shop in Via Cola di Rienzo, continuing to sell drinks and juices of various types, and inserting articles colonial. In the 50's begin to enter the company all six brothers Castroni, who founded Rome in six stores.

From coffee to food refinement, the activity becomes immediately a point of reference for the Romans, conquering their palates.



In the early 60s it is opened by brothers Torrefazione Augusta, named in loving memory of her mother. And 'here that are roasted blends of coffee Castroni, especially the famous and inimitable blend Bar.




To manage the store in Piazza Irnerio for 50 years is Fernanda and her husband Remo. Then take over the daughter Simonetta and her husband Giancarlo, bringing the activities in step with the changing times, opening the door to the fourth generation, while keeping alive the tradition of historic.





Castroni S.a.s.

Piazza Irnerio 73/74 - 00165

Tel/fax: 06/66000187

E-mail: castroni.sas@tiscali.it


Dal lunedì al sabato 8,30-13,30  -  16,00-20.00


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